General definition of a wireless network includes several types of wireless connections commonly used every day. These are, for example, mobile networks, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi networks. Wireless transmission is undoubtedly yet another interesting topic, since it is used in payments, access to buildings, in public transport as well as hotels. We are talking about RFID technologies here. In the lab, we will focus primarily on the wireless Wi-Fi networks and RFID technologies. We will take a look at the software and hardware tools used to breach the security of Wi-Fi networks and for attacking the connected users. As to RFID technology, we will replicate publicly known attacks on specific types of cards, and we will also embark on our own research of possible vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors. The main goal will be to get a technically detailed view of technologies and procedures, which, in many cases, are applied only superficially. This will allow us to get a better understanding of existing attacks, or to fine-tune and improve some methods.

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