ARICOMA Hacking Lab

For many years, we have been gaining knowledge from different communities and taking our knowledge and skills to the next level, which is why we are now trying to help communities the same way through HackingLab and thus enrich each other.

We are building an attractive platform for regular formal and informal meetings that would connect and move its members professionally and personally.

We strive to gain know-how that we use not only for the benefit of ARICOMA customers and partners, but also for mutual sharing in an open group of ethical hackers, experts, students and enthusiasts in the field of cyber security.


Those interested in IT security will gain not only access to specialized tools and interesting products, but especially to the extensive know-how available to existing HackingLab members.

Newly arrived community participants, whose interest and skills exceed the current standards, can participate not only in the activities of ARICOMA, as full-fledged experts, but can also be recommended for jobs with current or future project partners.

Will you join us? Answer a few questions

  • Do you like to dig into the logic of the system and look for ways to bypass its security?
  • Do you accept the methodology, but do not allow yourself to be limited by it?
  • Do you want to help improve the security of systems and do you have no problem sharing know-how with others?
  • Do you want to participate in team hacking competitions or travel with us to renowned foreign conferences?

If you answered in the affirmative, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to you joining us!