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Her life changed with the Book of Codes and Ciphers describing the evolution of cryptography and above all, the fascinating story of Enigma. It was an impulse to study cryptography, or, more precisely, Mathematics for Information Security at Charles University. Over the course of her studies, she and her classmates landed in the world of CTF (Capture The Flag) online hacking competitions, which she came to like, and which greatly influenced her next steps. After graduation, when looking for a job, she realized that she could search for vulnerabilities the same as with CTF, but this time for money. And so she started working as a penetration tester in AEC.

She has been working here since 2015 and specializes mostly in testing web applications, infrastructure, or internal networks (Active Directory). In addition to this, she is an author of CTF competitions for the SECURITY conference, an annual event organized by AEC and a cybersecurity competition for secondary schools organized by AFCEA and its partners.

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