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an awareness problem.
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Hacker for 15 Years

Martin Koppon graduated from the Faculty of Information Technology at the Brno University of Technology. Here, he designed and implemented a tool for automated security auditing for his bachelor's thesis. He obtained a closer specialization in information security in the master's studies of Information Technology Security. However, this was not enough for him. So he accepted new challenge and left for the University of South Wales in Great Britain, where, thanks to the Cybersecurity Research Group, he was able to focus on cyber security at the international level. Among other things, he became acquainted with computer forensic analysis procedures of the local police and GCHQ, which is the British equivalent of the NSA. In addition to his academic experience in the United Kingdom, he also benefits from his vast professional experience in Canada. As a Cyber Security Specialist in AEC, his main job is to take care of meeting the demanding needs of the company’s international clients.

At the moment, his activities in the Hacking Lab include examining post-exploit techniques used by hacker groups sponsored by governments and designing counter-measures. The results of his research are applied in the simulation of complex cyberattacks testing the resistance of target organization in case one of its systems is compromised ("Assume Breach"). AEC provides these cyberattack simulation as part of its Red Teaming services.