About us

AEC Hacking Lab

We are HackingLab, a community project that aims to systematically test the security level of modern technologies through ethical hacking. We established the concept in 2019 within the parent company AEC - the leading provider of cyber security in the Czech Republic.

For many years, we have been gaining knowledge from different communities and taking our knowledge and skills to the next level, which is why we are now trying to help communities the same way through HackingLab and thus enrich each other.

Our founding members are experts from the AEC Security Assessment division, and we are currently divided into specialized teams in the HackingLab laboratory, according to the area of interest of individual members. Participation in the project allows us to further educate, improve and expand competencies in individual areas of interest, in parallel with the main activities for the AEC.


We look for vulnerabilities in the tested systems to make it possible to improve them. In HackingLab, we intentionally bypass the logic of tested products, break down processes, look for errors in the overall concept of products, in implementation and in their security.

In addition to the classic tests of applications and infrastructure, we strive to expand knowledge, especially in the areas of modern trends, such as:

  • smart IoT devices,
  • FinTech Products,
  • Industrial Security,
  • Cloud Security,
  • Car Hacking.

We already have practical experience with all these areas in the laboratory.