Michal VálkaSept. 1, 2020

PEnetration TEsting Proxy (PETEP)

Capturing network communication based on the TCP protocol and modifying it by creating a specialized Man-in-the-Middle proxy is one of many practices used for searching for security flaws in network applications. In this article, we will focus on the use of the cross-platform open-source application PETEP for testing fat clients using TCP protocols and show a simplified attack procedure on a sample vulnerable application.

Jan KislingerJuly 31, 2019


How easy is eavesdropping on network traffic between two computers? Would it be enough to simply cut and split the network cable? Wiretapping is a way to connect to a network cable and start eavesdropping. During eavesdropping, the original communication is "copied" to the attacker's eavesdropping device. The transmitted data is not modified in any way.